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About Us

HAF Corporation is a UK based company. It provides pure, natural and unprocessed products from its ancient source with all care.

HAF Corporation (Ltd.) provides pure, unprocessed natural Pink Salt from the Himalayan Salt Mines located near the Himalayan Salt Range in Pakistan.

Our aim is to provide best-quality products to our customers.

Our products range is as follows: Salt lamps of different shapes including natural shape and geometrical shape for Home Decór; Salt culinary; aroma diffusers; candle light holders; Salt stones and bath salt for health & wellness; Pet Supplies including animal salt, licks & chunks; foot detox & scrubs; grilling plates for cooking and seasoning.

We can also provide salt for de-icing in bulk quantity.

We have a team of highly trained workers, best exporters and distributors for customer satisfaction. With our large volume capacity and bulk packaging options, orders are available by the bag, pallet, or truckload to meet purchasing requirements.

We welcome the feedback of our valued customers as it paves the way for achieving goals and putting forth new ones for the bright future.

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We are able to implement International Quality Control Procedures by ensuring that our workers are trained and skilled and use the latest and most efficient processing units for the manufacturing of salt products.

Best Quality

We boast a long list of loyal customers around the world on all continents.

Worldwide Customers

Since we not only manufacture the products but also source the salt from the mines, we are therefore able to offer the most competitive prices to our customers.

Price Competitiveness

All our products are natural and organic.

Natural & Organic


We have partnered with the most reliable freight forwarding companies to ensure the best prices and most reliable and timely shipping of our products to our customers worldwide.

Himalayan Salt Featured Products


A container load of salt products is 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 8 feet 6 inches high and can hold a maximum gross weight of 17000 kg to 25000 Kg



Himalayan salt lamps are crystals formed from rock salt in amber color, hollowed out to fit a light bulb inside. They give off a soft reddish-pink glow when you light them. Sellers of these decorative pieces claim they are doing more than lighting up a room. They say that the lamps can enhance mood, improve sleep, cure allergies, help people with asthma breathe smoother, and, among other benefits, clean the air.

Hand Made Himalayan Salt Lamp

Professionally carved Himalayan salt pink mushroom from Pakistan, the lamp radiates a soft, amber glow when illuminated, offering a soothing atmosphere to help create a sense of peace and relaxation.

A Perfect Gift Suggestion

It is a specially designed gift box for every single crystal. WBM salt lamps are a thoughtful gift for your loved ones for any occasion. Notably any Holiday, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other particular time! Brighten the mood in any room, or add a dry, romantic atmosphere.

Neem Wooden Base

Comes with Natural Neem Wooden Base at 100 percent. Antibacterial, of course, more reliable than other types of wood. It is longer lasting, resistant to shrinkage, and resistant to termite.

Safety And Quality

It comes with a B15 Pre-install light bulb, 5-6-foot cord with a proprietary dimmer switch to change brightness and suit the ambiance. Full lamps are ETL accredited to UL specifications. (Replacement bulbs are available on request for separate purchase: search: “Himalayan Salts Lamp.”

Home Gift Guide

Perfect for a coffee table or desk in the middle. Great for office cubic or a regular space. Enlighten your area with a dry, friendly & soothing amber glow. Particles pull power. Allegedly, these lamps draw allergens, chemicals, and contaminants to their surface.

Possibly Release Negative Ions

Some people believe positive ions in the air have health benefits. Ions are molecules that have changed at a charge. Negative ions have gained an electron. Positive ions have lost one. Ions are all around us. Some come from particles from outer space that make their way to Earth. Others form closer to home, from radiation, sunlight, lightning and the collision of water dews in a waterfall.

Beneficial health and awe-inspiring, the Himalayan salt lamps can be a massive part of the interior of your house. Himalayan Salt actual Himalayan salt lamps of export quality into exclusive and convenient show designs. Our salt products are based initially on Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan, which ensures customer satisfaction with the possession of pure Himalayan rock salt. We believe your life will be changed from just aesthetic to aesthetic healthy benefits. Just drop your Pakistan ‘s ideal Himalayan salt products.

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